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February 3, 2022
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DBS price drop announced – reduced fees from April

Anticipating a steep rise in the number of checks required by employers over the next few years, the DBS has recently undertaken a fee review.  We are delighted to share news that the government has announced plans to reduce the fees for all DBS criminal record checks
The prices for both Basic and Standard levels are being reduced by more than 20%, which is very welcome news for employers. There will also be a small 5% reduction in the fee for Enhanced level DBS checks. 
Subject to being approved by Parliament on March 16th the new government fees will apply for all DBS applications submitted from April 6th 2022.   

Type of DBS check Current DBS fee* Revised DBS fee* from April 6th 2022
Basic DBS check £23.00 £18.00  (£5 reduction)
Standard DBS check £23.00 £18.00  (£5 reduction)
Enhanced DBS check £40.00 £38.00  (£2 reduction)
*excluding Verifile’s service charge
Standard and Enhanced volunteer applications will remain free-of-charge, and no changes will be made to DBS Update Service or Adult First checks. 
Verifile is committed to passing on the full savings to our customers and the new pricing will automatically be applied to their accounts. 
Conducting criminal records has never been more affordable. Coupled with the fact that over 80% of Basic level checks are processed within 24 hours, this is a must have addition to any background check programme and for any role. The new price also makes criminal records very affordable for post-employment monitoring programmes. 
If you’re not currently enjoying our automatic DBS services and you are interested in adding them to your account, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll get you ready to enjoy these new low-price checks. 
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