Data sources

We work directly with hundreds of different data sources from around the world, feeding their data into our background checks.  We’re constantly on the look-out for more new data sources that can make our candidate background checks even more comprehensive.

Increasingly, employers want to recruit from a global talent pool, rather than just a domestic one. To meet this demand, we’re committed to building a service offering that allows them to screen potential new recruits from every corner of the globe.  To ensure that data meets our high quality expectations, we run extensive tests on the validity, accuracy and integrity of every data source before we add it to our data portfolio.  Working directly with data sources in this way, rather than through a third party provider, allows us to understand the data better. It means that:
  • we know exactly what we’re getting;
  • we understand the best ways for submitting information requests;
  • we have quicker turnaround times; and
  • we benefit from cost savings, which are passed on to our clients.
Our commitment to working in this way means we’ll only ever use third party providers if it’s absolutely essential – e.g. to deal with local language barriers, to access essential local knowledge or because a physical, overseas presence is required.