Who we are

Helping you make informed recruitment decisions

At Verifile, we’re committed to helping ensure that every one of your employees is everything they claim to be. We understand the importance of being able to make fully informed decisions about the person you want to hire and remaining compliant with all relevant employment procedures, standards and regulations. By bringing together high-quality data and expertise in a secure environment, we’ll help you achieve that. Together, we’ll help you mitigate against recruitment risk.

Where it all began

In 2003, a driver working for Brinks Israel, the armed security providers, made off with nearly five million shekels.  Waiting until his armed guard colleague left him alone, the driver, Saguy Unger, simply drove away with his cash haul.  Unger’s real name was Ilan Kupperman-Segal. He had used a false identity to get the job at Brinks just two weeks earlier, masking the fact he had a criminal record. Brinks’ sophisticated Pre-employment screening techniques, to be expected at a company where staff carry automatic weapons, had failed because the obvious first step of checking Unger’s identity had been overlooked.


An idea takes hold

Days later, also in Israel, Eyal Ben Cohen was preparing to move to England to begin studying for an MBA at Cranfield University, requiring him to change the address on his identity card. This seemingly simple process saw him standing in line for three hours.

The combination of the two events got Eyal thinking; the scrutiny and bureaucracy involved with a simple change of address versus the lack of attention paid to a recruitment process which allowed someone to commit armed robbery.


A business takes shape

Intrigued by this, Eyal subsequently took every opportunity while working towards his MBA to research the market for employment screening, testing new ideas for a smoother, more efficient process. Having secured his MBA, equipped with an extensive business plan and with investors and his first client in place, Eyal set about turning theory into reality – in the shape of Verifile.
Eyal’s ambitions for Verifile had already caught the eye while at Cranfield, earning the VCR Directory prize for the business plan most likely to succeed. He then followed that up with a prestigious Association of Business Schools entrepreneurship award a year later as Verifile hit the ground running.

An essential part of the recruitment process

We now have a team of over 100 highly-qualified experts, always on hand to question the screening data our processes generate, guiding you through what can be some complicated outputs and helping you make informed recruitment decisions.  We’re a highly certified business, holding certifications such as National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold, British standards: Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001), Business Continuity Management Systems ( ISO 22301) and Information Security (ISO 27001) and Cyber Essential Plus.  Despite working in an environment of highly accurate, precise data, interrogated with relentless investigative rigour, we never lose sight of this being a people business. We never forget that we’re dealing with real people; candidates working their way through a recruitment process that could mean so much to them and employers, desperately keen to hire the right person.