Simple and quick access to global background checks directly from your platform, using a Modern REST and JSON architecture that supports minimal development time.

If you would like to learn more about our API, please review our Developer Documentation site.

What is an API?

An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions, standards, and tools for accessing a system by another system. The API can be made available to customers, suppliers, and partners so developers can link between systems. The API allows two systems to exchange information and request services.

The Verifile Global Background Check API

Verifile’s API is a RESTful API and uses a data-transfer format called JSON to transfer data to a third-party system. Our clients typically want to connect their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with our system, and the Verifile API was designed for this purpose. Sharing economy clients use our API to automate their authentication and screening processes without needing to run on two separate platforms.

Our API offers access to over 600 different background checks worldwide and the option to set up packages for easier deployment.

Benefits of API

An API can avoid the need for your team members to log into the Verifile system in addition to your own ATS. By linking your ATS to our system, you can eliminate manual tasks, speed up processing times and avoid errors associated with manual data entry. Orders can be placed at the click of a button, updates on progress such as the traffic light results and final reports can be fed into the ATS without the need for manual checking and saving of reports from the system/email.

What is possible with the Verifile API?

You can integrate part of or the full workflow.


An order can be raised as client entry (you have all the data and consent to start checks) or a candidate entry (Verifile emails the candidate directly asking them to provide data and consent). Supporting documentation can be uploaded to an order.

The orders created in the API are compatible with Verifile’s web-based system, so orders raised via the API can be seen and tracked in the same way as if they were placed manually (not via API). In case of any technical issues with your ATS, your team members can use our portal to place orders, track the progress of orders and collect reports as you did before the integration.


We use Azure API Management (APIM) which handles user authentication and key management. The overall security of the API has been verified via an independent security assessment. 

Verifile has ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications. We take information security very seriously.

You will be issued with digital keys that will allow access to place orders and view your data on our system. You can change these keys at any time via the APIM portal. It is critical that you keep these keys safe and reset the keys if any users at your organisation no longer need access to them.

For other questions related to security, please request a copy of our ‘Verifile Information Security FAQ’ from your Account Manager.

Next steps

If you would like to learn more about our API, please review our Developer Documentation site. This will provide your development team with detailed information on:

  • Registration to obtain keys
  • Live & Test API
  • Headers
  • Raising orders
  • Order statuses
  • Final reports
  • Packages
  • Attachments
  • Helper methods
  • Error messages

Product specific documents will also be provided.

When your development team is ready, access to a sandbox will be provided. This test environment can be used to complete test scenarios whilst you are building the integration.

Once development of integration is complete, and upon satisfactory completion of mandatory testing, we will provide access to our live system.