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January 20 2022

Update regarding DBS performance

The DBS have released figures about current performance in light of the impact on their turnaround times due to the pandemic. Given the impact this has on your own operations we wanted to share the details with you. 
The DBS revealed that there's been quite a spike in turnaround times since the start of the year. They assure us, however, that these are returning to pre-Christmas levels with no significant delays. 
Here's a table showing the DBS's published service standards compared with the actual performance of the DBS checks we have put through on your behalf:

DBS published service standards DBS checks submitted by Verifile 
80% of Enhanced checks issued within 14 days
84% within 14 days, with 38% in less than 24 hours
80% of Standard checks issued within 5 days
93% within 5 days, with 53% in less than 24 hours
80% of Basic checks issued within 2 days 
84% within 2 days, with 80% in less than 24 hours
Despite the delays experienced by the DBS which have exceeded their published standards in recent weeks, we’ve been able to maintain and even exceed those service levels for Verifile customers!
If you want to know how we can help you with fast and accurate DBS checks, please contact or call 01234 608090!