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February 20 2020

60% of job applicants have lied on their CV

Verifile, found 60% of CVs checked by them in 2019 contained lies.
Digging deeper, their referencing teams found inaccuracies in: 

  • 13% of employments checked
  • 15% professional memberships and licences checked
  • 13% of qualifications checked
As a background screening company, Verifile carries out a wide range of checks on behalf of clients, including those who need to carry out screening during their recruitment process.
Eyal Ben Cohen, founder and CEO at Verifile, said that lies and exaggerations on CVs are sadly commonplace: “While modern technology has brought the world closer together, and created access to a worldwide workforce, it has also made it easier for some to try and defraud others with fake identity, qualifications and careers.
“Sadly, too many people still believe that no one will take the time to check their CVs fully, for the suitability of the role they’re applying for.
“Verifile is committed to changing that and creating transparency so that any relationship a business enters into, whether that’s through recruitment or for another reason, is built on a strong foundation of trust.”
Meanwhile the quality of Verifile’s knowledge and the tenacity of their teams was also highlighted with a drop of 7% in the number of checks returning ‘no result’, when compared to 2018 figures.
In 2019 Verifile were only unable to verify a tiny 4% of qualifications, employments and memberships listed on CVs.
“This is a very impressive figure which demonstrates how Verifile always goes that extra mile to verify every piece of information we receive,” explains Eyal.
“This number can never be 0% because there will always be companies or schools that have closed down and their records are unavailable. However, we continue to reduce it year on year, through chasing organisations for a response, and by only using direct sources to confirm a candidate’s claims.”
Booming background screening sector
The global background screening sector is booming, with more and more industries recognising the need to carry out pre- and post-employment checks.
Verifile itself saw 88% more individuals checked in 2019 compared to 2018. They also welcomed 329 new clients and checked people across 154 countries.
A lot of this is down to Verifile’s own investment in technology with a third of its checks now being placed via its own application programming interface (API).
“Pre-employment background screening not only builds trust, it also makes sure public safety remains intact,“ adds Eyal.
“If someone claims to have a skill or qualification necessary for a specific task, it’s too late to find out they have lied on their CV once something goes wrong.”
Verifile offers a host of pre- and post-employment background screening options, individually or as part of a bespoke package. These include CV verification, social media checks, credit checks, identity checks, and criminal checks.
They can carry out these checks via thousands of up-to-date data sources in almost every country in the world. To find out more about the services they offer and how they can help businesses of all sizes develop robust and compliant screening procedures, visit