Why Verifile?

Choosing the right partner for your background screening needs is crucial.


At Verifile, we understand the challenges you face in making informed hiring decisions. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a seamless, secure, and efficient screening process configured to your unique requirements. Discover the features and services that make Verifile the trusted choice for businesses and governments worldwide.


Platform Features

Enhanced Candidate Journey
Our modern candidate portal supports light and dark modes, offers real-time status updates, online chat, and full device compatibility
Comprehensive Applicant Coverage
We handle checks for all types of applicants—candidates, employees, contractors, and customers—customising the experience accordingly, including re-screening and monitoring
Candidate Self-Initiated Screening Portal
Ideal for having individuals start their own screenings, perfect when candidates are unknown in advance or to achieve zero admin until screening is passed
Customisable Branding
Include your logo on the candidate portal and customise email templates to match your brand's tone of voice
Instant Checks
Simple and secure background checks delivered in seconds
ATS Integrations
Seamlessly request background checks within your ATS without leaving the platform
Batch Processing
Initiate checks on hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously with our bulk upload feature 
From SSO to encryption, custom access controls to verified emails, we ensure your data is always safe and secure



Global coverage
Managing global complexity with ease, we check your candidates wherever they are located
Flexible packages
Tailored to your needs, for specific countries, regulations, seniority levels, and risk profiles
Customer Support
Personalised service with a dedicated Success Manager and knowledgeable first-line support team. Connect via online chat, Teams calls, email, or phone—whichever suits you best. We're here to help.
Data Sources
We obtain data directly from authoritative sources, such as police, government departments and credit bureaus.
Direct Source Verification
Employment and education are verified directly at the source, not just through candidate-provided referees, ensuring a 96% success rate
Enhanced Candidate Service
Proactive, personalised support via a dedicated team, ensuring a seamless and stress-free screening experience for candidates.



Established Expertise
With 20 years of experience, Verifile is a well-established business known for its reliability and expertise

Procurement Frameworks
​We are part of several procurement frameworks, ensuring streamlined purchasing processes for our clients.
Trusted Certifications
Accredited with PBSA, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, NSI Gold, PCI DSS, Cyber Essentials Plus and more, ensuring top-tier security and compliance standards

Contact us today to learn more about how Verifile can help you with secure, reliable, and efficient background checks.