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December 21, 2020
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Verifile Pre-Approved For Public Sector Background Screening

Verifile has been accepted onto the G-Cloud 12 Framework, extending its pre-approved status as a provider of Background Screening services to the public sector after the 11th Framework ended.
G-Cloud frameworks are a pre-negotiated agreement between Government and suppliers of technology services, helping government departments access services that are already within procurement guidelines.
This saves the public purse time and money and makes sure that the public sector has access to the very best services quickly and easily.
The background screening services being offered by Verifile and available via the 12th Framework are:

  1. UK Criminal Record Checks
  1. Regulated and unregulated employment screening and staff vetting services
  2. Instant Background Checks
  1. Other Background Checks and Referencing Services 
  1. International Background Checks
Founder and CEO of Verifile, Eyal Ben Cohen, said: “Being an authorised provider of Background Screening Services, gives those departments, which are at all levels of national and local Government, the peace of mind that their taxpayer funded budgets are being spent appropriately and reduces the need for negotiating and managing multiple individual contracts.
“Being part of the G-Cloud 12 Framework perfectly complements our membership of the CPC Employee Screening Services framework, and is further evidence of our commitment to making sure our services are increasingy accessible and compatible with the sectors we serve.”
If you would like to find out more about how Verifile can help your Government or Local Authority department carry out high-quality and stringent background screening checks, please get in touch.

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December 13, 2020
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Verifile adds hundred of new international background checks

International checks are now more varied than ever…
We have has added 206 new international checks to our list of high-quality background screening products.

The addition of these checks now mean Verifile’s Background Screening Teams can deliver 3,509 checks in 251 countries and jurisdictions.

“Whether you’re seeking to employ permanent or temporary staff, hire contractors, instruct a new vendor or supplier, or take on a new customer, Verifile has a background check that will help make sure any new professional relationship is built on strong foundations,” said Founder and CEO of Verifile, Eyal Ben Cohen.

But, the good news doesn’t end there. Alongside these new checks, 216 previously available checks have also been reduced in price, giving Verifile clients unrivalled access to great-value, high-quality screening solutions.
The new checks, and those that have been reduced, are in the following categories.

Criminal Records:

•    96 new checks added in 68 countries
•    68 checks were reduced in price

Credit and Financial Checks:

•    19 new checks added in 12 countries
•    70 checks were reduced in price


•    7 new checks added in 4 new countries
•    12 checks were reduced in price

Driving Records:

•    25 new checks added in 24 countries 
•    21 checks were reduced in price

ID Checks:

•    47 new checks added in 36 countries
•    45 checks were reduced in price

Website updates

As well as adding these international checks, we’ve also made some important updates to our website.

While there are many updates throughout the site, the main benefits you’ll discover include:

  • Udated services page: Detailed descriptions of all the checks on offer by country
  • New 'solutions' section: Now you can easily navigate the different ways in which background checks support your business to avoid the risks associated with recruitment or doing business with individuals.
“These updates make it even easier to find the right background screening services for your business,” adds Eyal.

“You can then have peace of mind that you're compliant with appropriate legislation or building a professional relationship with the right company or individual.”

As always, if you have any feedback on these website updates, our new international checks, or you wish to highlight other checks or content you’d like Verifile to provide, please email marketing@verifile.co.uk.

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December 8, 2020
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New Offences Added to DBS and Disclosure Checks

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) of England and Wales and Disclosure Scotland have announced a number of changes to the way they will be providing their services in the future.
While these updates are important, there will be no impact, for now, on how you apply for criminal record checks in England, Wales and Scotland, and the reports will also look the same.
This announcement is simply to keep you updated on how the DBS and Disclosure Scotland and adjusting their systems to bring them in line with recent changes to legislation in each jurisdiction.
So, what is changing?
DBS (England and Wales)
The DBS have announced changes to the ‘filtering’ of convictions that will be included on their Standard or Enhanced DBS certificates (DBS check). The Basic check remains unchanged.
Certain old or minor offences may not be disclosed on DBS certificates, these are known as ‘protected’ offences. Filtering of offences on DBS reports has been in place since 2013, but these will be updated on 28 November to include:

  • warnings, reprimands and youth cautions will no longer be automatically disclosed on a DBS certificate
  • the multiple conviction rule has been removed, meaning that if an individual has more than one conviction, regardless of offence type or time passed, each conviction will be considered against the remaining rules individually, rather than all being automatically disclosed

Some offences will always be disclosed on a Standard or Enhanced DBS certificate (unless they relate to a youth caution). These ‘specified offences’ are usually of a serious violent or sexual nature or are relevant for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.
All convictions resulting in a custodial sentence, whether or not suspended, will always be disclosed.
You can see a list of ‘specified offences’ here and read more about the way filtering is changing here.
Disclosure Scotland
Disclosure Scotland changes which come into effect on 30 November, are all part of a series of updates being made as part of The Disclosure (Scotland) Act 2020, which was passed on 14 July 2020.
The new legislation is designed to maintain a focus on the safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, while also balancing allowing people with certain convictions to move on from their past so they can contribute to society.
While a lot of the changes are still to come, and we will write to you again when these are put in place, the changes happening now will seek to create fairness in how previous convictions are including in their reports.
These include:
  • Adjustments to the criminal convictions that people need to disclose to prospective employers
  • A reduction in the length of time that many convictions need to be disclosed by most job applicants, or in other instances such as when applying for insurance
  • Information about behaviour which occurred while a person was under 12 will only be included on an enhanced disclosure or PVG scheme record if an independent reviewer agrees it should be

The reforms will not change disclosure periods for more serious convictions which result in prison sentences above four years. Disclosure rules for sensitive occupations such as teaching, or medicine will also not change.
If you wish to read more detailed information about these changes, you can find out more via the following links:
Further general information can also be found on the Disclosure Scotland website. Secondary legislation, still to be drafted, will also likely reduce the number of disclosures from four main levels (basic, standard, enhanced and PVG) to two (Level 1 and Level 2).
We will publish a further blog when news of this secondary legislation is announced.

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