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July 8 2019

International Product Changes

We have made the following changes to our international product offering:

  • Falkland Islands Police Clearance Certificate: Now available in the Falkland Islands is a Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Russia Extended Credit Check: We now offer an additional type of credit report from Russia. The new Russia Extended Credit Check provides a detailed financial history of a candidate’s Russian financial accounts such as bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, personal loans etc. and confirms the current amount of debt, monthly payments and payment defaults. The original Russia Credit Check, which we have provided for some time, has now been re-named as a Russia Negative Tax Records Check to reflect the scope of this check better.
  • Australia Search: Our search establishes whether the candidate has been banned or disqualified by either the Australian Securities & Investments Commission or the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. The search will also identify if either of these regulators have accepted an enforceable undertaking against the candidate in relation to matters they oversee.