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September 16 2013

USCIS has been busy with enhancements to the E-Verify system

USCIS has been busy with enhancements to the E-Verify system. Beginning September 8, 2013, the Records and Information from Dives for E-Verify (RIDE) Program will be adding Iowa to the program. This means that data from ID and driver's licenses issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) can now be inputted into the E-Verify system to be checked against the records of the MVD database for accuracy.

The addition of Iowa as the fourth state to join the RIDE program (in addition to Mississippi, Florida and Idaho) is another step towards combating document fraud, a challenge that has plagued USCIS ever since the rollout of the E-Verify system. Employers are affected by the RIDE program only when workers present documents issued from any of the four states who participate in the program, regardless of where the employer’s place of employment is. For example, an employer participating in E-Verify may be located in Oregon.

The employer’s newly hired worker has presented an Iowa driver’s license along with a social security card during the I-9 process. The employer would be prompted to enter the driver’s license data during the E-Verify case process, where the system will automatically check Iowa MVD’s records for a match.