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| Education
August 28 2019

Summer holiday camp must tighten criminal background checks on staff

A summer holiday camp based at Quinton House school has been warned by Ofsted that it must carry out criminal background checks (Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)) on staff. 

Management had failed to adequately screen staff at the Super Camp.  They have been given three weeks to complete DBS checks on its staff and ordered that staff should not have unsupervised contact with children until they have passed the check.

The inspector’s report stated that “The leadership team failed to carry out the required DBS checks which places the children’s welfare at risk”.

Due to this failure, Ofsted rated the Super Camp as inadequate and the school has been ordered to make improvements. Previously the Super Camps had an Ofsted rating of “good”.

Criminal records checks are recommended for all those who work with vulnerable people.