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October 16 2018

Are You Maximising Your Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience is very important, and 70% of organisations that invest in candidate experience improve the quality of their hires according to a recent Glassdoor report '50 HR and Recruiting Statistics for 2017'.

So what can HR professionals do to maximise candidate experience?

  • Candidate software should be modern and trustworthy
  • Candidate content should showcase 'the real people behind the story'
  • Video content is key

A negative experience during the application process can turn off top candidates and may ruin the employer brand.  Employers must focus on ensuring a great candidate experience.

Key to this is selecting the right screening partner. It is evident that HR departments must invest in the candidate experience but do you have the time to do so? We do! We manage the process on your behalf saving you time and ensuring your candidates' experience is a good one. 

If you want your candidates' first experience with your brand to be a good one, contact us so we can explain how.

Verifile are experts at managing candidate experience.  It is at the heart of what we do:

  • Our candidate portal is user-friendly and regularly updated as a result of feedback
  • We interact with candidates and nurture them through the background screening process
  • One of our core values is to be human; we provide a personalised approach to background screening

Watch this video to learn about our candidate portal