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November 14 2018

Announcing our Latest Product Update

This evening (Wednesday 14th November) we’ll be upgrading our system to give you new functionality and to enhance the candidate experience:

E-mail notifications for interim reports

Interim reports are available at any point between an order being submitted and the final report being ready. You can soon opt to receive a push notification when the results for quick turnaround checks such as UK Credit Checks and International Fraud/Sanctions checks are ready.  You will receive one notification per order and can choose to have the interim report PDF attached to your email notification.

To turn on this notification:

  • Log into the portal
  • Go to ‘My account’
  • Select ‘Email preferences’

Improved academic address finder

We have improved the feature to look up an institution name, street, and postcode for academic institution addresses in the UK and in a large number of other countries. This means you and your candidates can now search for accurate addresses quicker. For many institutions, typing in the name alone is now sufficient to find the full address.  This feature not only improves user experience but also ensures that time is not wasted correcting invalid information

Extended customisation options for candidate emails

You can create bespoke invitations and follow up emails for different employee types. For example, you may prefer that candidates receive different messages than current employees who are being re-screened.

For each order, you can select which set of emails is sent to the applicant ensuring that your messaging is positioned correctly and improving the overall experience.

UK Criminal Checks in England and Wales: 

Updated identity checking guidelines

As previously advised, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has updated their identity checking guidance. The changes outlined below are being made to the identity document lists on our platform for standard and enhanced checks. If you would like to update your internal identity checking guidance, you can find new ID Check Guides in the​ Help Guides library (you will need to log in first).


Irish Passport Card

The Irish Passport Card has been added to Group 2b. However, please note it cannot be used with an Irish passport.

New documents available for non-European Economic Area applicants

• A Permanent Residence Card

• A Positive Verification Notice 

Changes to requirements:

A passport is no longer required as an additional item for the following three documents:

• A current Residence Card 

• A current Immigration Status Document containing a photograph. 

• A current Immigration Status Document 

To set up bespoke emails or notifications please contact your Account Manager or our Client Service Team