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January 17 2018

International Product Changes

Our overseas (non-UK) coverage and price list will be updated on 19th February.

Over the past year we have continued to identify new sources and processes for our international checks, and below is a summary of over 100 additional checks added since our last update. We now have a more complete coverage of African countires with checks including identity card and passport validation, driving licence status, criminal record, bankruptcy and civil litigation.

We have also enhanced many processes and improved our turnaround times for many of our international checks.

We would like to bring the following changes to your particular attention. If you would like us to send you current documentation for any of the checks listed, please request via

Luxembourg & Monaco Criminal Check
Results for these checks will be sent directly to your candidates going forward. The government agencies issuing these certificates introduced this change to their procedures, and unfortunately, third parties are no longer able to receive the certificate directly.

Northern Mariana Islands Criminal Check
New instructions and application form is now in place to reflect simplified requirements.

Namibia Directorship Check
This search is unavailable at present due to a process change at source.

Russia Criminal Check
New Power of Attorney form is now in place to reflect the change of the Governement institution's name. 

Colombia Criminal Check
A new instruction is now in place to reflect the scope of this service. A Criminal Certificate from Colombian Police is now a Subject Access Request. However, we can still provide a Good Conduct Certificate from Procuraduría Nacional de la Nación.