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| Criminal Record Checks
May 26 2016

Bethlehem, PA Waiting To Ask Job Seekers About Criminal Records

"Come March 14, Bethlehem no longer will ask each job applicant up front about a criminal record. That information, however, will be divulged prior to hiring. By opting to wait, the city joins a national movement pushed by civil rights advocates to ""ban the box.""

Advocates argue that many applicants with criminal records are passed over without considering his or her qualifications for a job, making employment difficult for thousands of otherwise competent people." By eliminating the requirement that one disclose a criminal conviction on the initial application, we can now attract the broadest group of applicants for each vacant position."Bethlehem Mayor Robert Donchez said. "Once it has been determined that a candidate is qualified for the position and is a finalist, then a criminal background check will be conducted.""