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February 4 2016

EU and APEC officials agree to streamline BCR|CBPR application process

In 2014, Hewlett-Packard (HP) became the first company to win approval for both binding corporate rules (BCRs) and cross-border privacy rules (CBPRs).
Both processes take a significant number of man-hours to achieve. But to demonstrate compliance, many of the administrative hurdles are the same. That's why an EU|APEC working group has approved a plan for increased interoperability by making it easier for companies to comply with both BCRs and CBPRs at once.
The EU's Article 29 Working Party has agreed to the APEC Data Privacy Subgroup's proposal to develop a common questionnaire based on the forms that now must be completed to apply for BCRs and CBPRs separately.
The idea is that organizations will be able to submit the single questionnaire to both EU DPAs and to APEC Accountability Agents to reach compliance with both systems at once.