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Using an Applicant Tracking System with Integrated Background Checking: A Comprehensive Guide



Finding the right talent can be tough, especially in today's competitive job market. But what if there was a way to make hiring faster, easier, and more efficient for businesses of all sizes? That's exactly what an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) offers. It transforms your recruitment process from a time-consuming, labour-intensive chore into a smooth, streamlined operation. By collecting and organising job applicants' information digitally, an ATS can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment efforts, especially when integrated with background checking services.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An ATS is software designed to automate various aspects of the recruitment process. It handles everything from sorting applications and scheduling interviews to running applicant tests and making job offers. Whether you're a small business hiring a few people a year or a large enterprise with extensive recruitment needs, an ATS can save valuable HR time and money. Plus, candidates appreciate the ease of uploading, reviewing, and customising their personal information, making the whole process smoother for everyone involved.

The Importance of Integration

With much of the recruitment process automated, it makes sense for employers to integrate various services into the same system, such as background screening, payroll systems, and onboarding tools. By keeping the HR admin within the ATS and avoiding the need for manual data re-entry, integration can streamline the entire recruitment and onboarding process.

The Reality of Background Check Integration

Integrating background checks into the ATS is crucial, but it's important to note that most ATS platforms do not collect the extensive data required for thorough background checks. Usually, the recruiter or HR admin stays within the ATS, while the candidate might be directed to the background checking provider's platform to provide the necessary information. This approach ensures that all required data is collected efficiently and accurately.

Direct Integration with Verifile

Verifile offers two distinct options to enhance integration capabilities: the Open Background Check API and pre-built integrations with key ATS providers. Each option provides unique benefits to suit different needs. 

Option 1: Open Background Check API
To meet the need for seamless integration with client systems, Verifile has developed an Award-Winning Open Application Programming Interface (API). An API is a set of programming instructions, standards, and tools that allow one system to access and exchange information with another. The Verifile Open API enables any client system, including an ATS, to request services from our platform, providing immediate access to our extensive portfolio of thousands of different background checks worldwide.

Benefits of using the Verifile Open API:

  1. Custom Integration: Connect any system with Verifile’s platform, enabling tailored solutions to meet specific requirements.

  2. Extensive Capabilities: Access to thousands of different background checks worldwide.

  3. Seamless Data Transfer: Utilises a RESTful API with JSON for efficient data transfer.

  4. Endless Possibilities: Offers flexibility to connect various systems with Verifile’s background checking platform, limited only by the customer's goals.

How the Verifile Global Background Check API Works?
The Verifile API is a RESTful API that uses JSON for data transfer. This API supports minimal development time and offers quick access to global background checks directly from your platform. Clients can integrate part of or the full workflow, raising orders either by client entry or candidate entry. Supporting documentation can also be uploaded to an order.

Getting Started with the Verifile Open API
For developers interested in integrating with our API, we provide comprehensive Developer Documentation. This includes information on:

  • Registration to obtain keys
  • Live and test API environments
  • Headers
  • Raising orders
  • Order statuses
  • Final reports
  • Packages
  • Attachments
  • Helper methods
  • ​Error messages

We also provide product-specific documents and a sandbox environment for testing scenarios during the integration process. Once you’ve successfully completed the mandatory testing, you’ll get access to our live system.

For more detailed information and resources, visit our developer site.

Option 2: Pre-built Integrations and Partnerships

Verifile also develops reusable integrations with specific ATS providers, continually adding more integrations to facilitate seamless background checking without the need for custom development. These pre-built integrations allow employers to activate background checking services instantly within their ATS, saving time and resources.

Benefits of Pre-built Integrations:

  1. Immediate Activation: No need for bespoke development; background checking services can be activated instantly.

  2. Streamlined Process: Integrates smoothly within the existing ATS, keeping the HR admin within one system.

  3. Ongoing Support: Verifile continually updates and announces new partnerships, ensuring up-to-date integration capabilities.

How Verifile’s Pre-built Integrations Work?
Pre-built integrations are designed to be easily activated within your existing ATS. Once you select Verifile as your background checking provider, the integration allows you to seamlessly request and manage background checks directly from your ATS interface. This integration leverages the existing infrastructure of the ATS, ensuring minimal disruption and a straightforward setup process.

Getting Started with Pre-built Integrations
To get started with our pre-built integrations, you can:

  1. Check Availability: Visit our partners page to see if your ATS provider is listed.

  2. Contact Us: If your ATS is available, get in touch with your Verifile customer success manager or our support team to enable the integration.

  3. Configuration: Follow the provided instructions to configure the integration within your ATS.

  4. Activate: Once configured, you can start using Verifile’s background checking services directly from your ATS.

Security and Compliance

Security is a top priority for Verifile. We use Azure API Management (APIM) for user authentication and key management, ensuring the overall security of our API. Our security measures have been independently verified, and we hold ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications. Clients are issued digital keys to access and manage their data on our system, with the ability to reset these keys as needed to maintain security.

For detailed information on our commitment to data security and privacy, please refer to our recent blog post.

Final Thoughts

An Applicant Tracking System is an essential tool for modern recruitment. By integrating an ATS with Verifile’s solutions, you can make your hiring process smoother, improve the candidate experience, and ensure thorough and efficient background checks. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, the Verifile Open API and pre-built integrations offer the flexibility and functionality you need to manage your recruitment process effectively.

For more information on any of our pre-built integrations or Open API, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our dedicated Customer Service Team. We are always looking to integrate with more ATS providers and enhance our service offerings for employers.