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November 14 2019

Verifile are listed in The API top 300

Verifile’s API has been included in API World’s first API 300, a showcase of the top innovations in the API industry over the past year.

API World selected the companies through an interview and evaluation process based on several factors, including data from the companies and industry research.

The API 300 list focuses on API technologies including API infrastructure, API management, and API analytics. We launched the Verifile Global API in late 2017 and now circa 30% of Verifile’s orders come through our API.

It offers access to over 650 different background checks worldwide and the option to set up packages for easier deployment.

An API integration between your system such as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can avoid the need for your team members to log into the Verifile system in addition to your ATS, eliminating manual tasks, speeding up processing times and avoiding errors associated with manual data entry.

Currently, TribePad, Harbour, Workday, and eArcu have integrated with our API. Many other clients using other systems have also integrated using our global API – any client can take advantage of these capabilities.

To find out more about Verifile’s API offering, please head to the dedicated API section of our website.