Employment and Income Verification (WorkPass)

Traditionally, when people think about background screening, they think primarily of pre-employment checks on inbound employees – i.e. new members of staff joining a business.

However, for sizable businesses, especially those with a high degree of churn within their workforce, the screening requirements of their outbound employees (i.e. those in the process of moving to another job) can be considerable. Hundreds of admin hours can be spent dealing with reference requests from other organisations, wanting to confirm the employment history of one of your previous employees.

WorkPass is a fully automated system for providing employment references and income verifications

Alongside these are a growing number of requests from lending organisations and landlords, keen to verify the stated salary of one of your current employees.

Handling these requests appropriately is something that any well-run, ethically sound business will want to do. However, it is an undertaking that creates absolutely zero value for the business itself. This is where WorkPass comes in.

WorkPass is a fully automated system for providing employment references and income verifications. When a business signs up to WorkPass, details on its employees are uploaded to the system and then updated as part of the regular payroll run.

Subsequently, when requests are received, these can all be dealt with by providing the enquirer with access to WorkPass. The organisation or individual making the request for information will have to pay to use the system but for the Verifile client uploading their employee data to WorkPass, the service is free of charge.

The system can be configured to help you provide basic or detailed references. Basic references typically only include dates of employment and positions held. Detailed references include additional information such as salary, reasons for leaving, disciplinary actions and any other information within the scope of your corporate referencing policy. These can be further configured into regulated references, including material that industry regulators will insist on seeing, such as information on training and complaints.

WorkPass is therefore an ideal solution for businesses wanting to find a more costeffective way of dealing with the admin burden of a significant volume of inbound enquiries, whether this is a regular occurrence or as a result of corporate activity, such as a redundancy programme.