This check establishes if an individual has a criminal record.

What does it check?

This check establishes if an individual has a criminal record.

This check provides what is referred to as a Criminal Registry Certificate or Certificado do Registo Criminal.

The certificate will list:
  • Office/department that issued the certificate
  • Identification of the person concerned
  • Identification of the requester, if different
  • Purpose of the certificate
  • If convictions are present
  • When positive, it has a set of notifications annexed to the main page of the certificate
  • Unique certificate number
Convictions stay on an individual’s criminal record for varying periods of time. This is counted from the extinction of the penalty (for example, from the end of the imprisonment, or payment of a fine). The legal periods are:
  • Sexual crimes – 23 years
  • Crimes with a penalty over 8 years of imprisonment – 10 years
  • Crimes with penalty between 5 and 8 years of imprisonment – 7 years
  • Crimes with penalty under 5 years of imprisonment – 5 years

Est. turnaround time

5-17 working days

Supported in





Application form, Proof of identity

Data Sources

Ministry of Justice

Relevant Industries