Vendor Vetting

Limited Company Report (UK)    

Registration number, registered office, incorporation date, latest filed accounts, issued capital, company status, trading address, contact details, auditors, bankers, risk score including credit limit, insolvency proceedings, winding-up petitions, mortgage transactions, country court judgements (CCJs), ownership, accounts and directors.

Non - Limited Company Report (UK)        

Business address details, principal activities, number of employees, CCJs, CCLs, bankruptcies, previous searches, payment performance, credit rating, risk score.

Company Report (international) 

Identification, credit risk rating, registry date, legal filings including bankruptcy, court judgements and tax liens, management and staff, board of directors, share capital, shareholders, financial accounts and/or payment punctuality depending on jurisdiction. Availability, process requirements and pricing will vary according to jurisdiction. Further information can be provided upon request.