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Your guide to opening a new account

We try to capture all the relevant information at the beginning of this process so that we won’t have to ask you questions at a later stage.

Your personal details

This captures information about the main user: the person responsible for the account and able to sign on behalf of the company. This user alone has the right to amend the account details and view the status of all the orders being processed by other users within the account.

Other users are those people within the company who will be able to order new checks but have no right to amend the account details. They are also not permitted to see activity by other users within the account. The main user can add or remove users at any time.

Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, all of our customers are required to be independently registered with the Information Commissioner. We need to know your registration number(s) before opening a new account.

Once you submit the online form we will contact you individually to explain in detail how the Verifile system and process works. We’re happy to work alongside you for as long as it takes until you feel comfortable initiating checks yourself.

Before activating your new account we will run a credit check on your company and set a credit limit. Once a month you will be invoiced for all the checks you and your users have initiated through the account.

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