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Verifile is keen to keep all our customers up-to-date and informed about the latest legislation, industry news and other stories that may be of interest and relevance.

So be sure to check this section regularly to see what’s current and new. You’ll also find news stories relating to our own company developments.

If you have a case of employment fraud you wish to share with us, please contact us. We will publish it - with your consent and anonymously if you prefer - for the benefit of our customer community.



14 Feb 2011
Basic Disclosure Checks and PVG Scheme Guidance

Whilst ministers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are still working out the details of the revised Vetting and Barring Scheme, their Scottish counterparts have now revealed their plans for the Scottish Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme. In this email we will provide you with the information you will need to know over the coming weeks and months as the Scottish PVG Scheme is rolled out.

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13 Feb 2011
Woman who faked Ph.D. jailed for perjury

A forged Ph.D. diploma. A transcript purchased on the Internet.

Those were the only qualifications Michelle Weiss needed to treat mentally disabled patients and teach college classes locally for two years.

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26 Jan 2011
Graduate school instructor charged with faking military credentials, doctorate

A California graduate school instructor believed to have profited from fake military and academic credentials for a decade has been charged with mail fraud.

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09 Dec 2010
Expect a raft of fake degrees

Employers have been warned to expect an increase in the number candidates coming to interview with fake degrees on their CVs if students are saddled with rising tuition fees.

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09 Dec 2010
Higher tuition fees to boost fake audio degrees

Background screening expert Verifile warns of an increase in bogus qualifications.

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