You can choose from a wide range of checks, to suit each particular candidate and vacancy.

Service summary
Criminal Record Checks

This check establishes if an individual has a criminal record.

8-20 working days
Fraud Checks

This wide-ranging check establishes whether an individual's or company's name appears in association with anything from criminal activity and international sanctions through to regulatory penalties and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).

1-2 working days
Identity Verification Checks

We'll aim to verify an individual's identity in any of 166 countries, covering over 3.2 billion citizens worldwide.

1-3 working days

We will check if candidate's personal details contained within the passport match the code on the machine-readable zone (MRZ), as per ICAO standardisation, cross-check against a database of lost, stolen and compromised passports, and undertake a visual authenticity scan.

1-2 working days