You can choose from a wide range of checks, to suit each particular candidate and vacancy.

Service summary
Referencing and Verification Services

This check is intended to secure explanations of any gaps in an individual's activity history when they were neither employed or in full-time education.

On submission

We'll obtain a character reference, providing a referee's opinion of the individual.

5-15 working days

We'll verify an individual's employment, self-employment and educational activities within a specified activity timeframe of your choice.

5-15 working days

We'll check the details of an individual's academic history, both in secondary and higher education.

5-15 working days

For roles regulated by the FCA, and where an individual's previous employers were also subject to FCA regulation, we'll look to obtain a regulated reference from them.

Up to 6 weeks (which is the time permitted by the FCA for regulated firms to provide references)

This check is designed to spot any differences between an individual's CV and any information they provide during the screening process.

1-2 working days

We'll obtain written confirmation of an individual's professional or trade membership(s).

5-15 working days

With this check, we'll look to confirm the details of an individual's employment history.

5-15 working days