This service carries out a face to face identity check at an individual's local Post Office.

What does it check?

This service carries out a face to face identity check at an individual's local Post Office.

The Post Office identity check is for individuals who need to have their identity checked face to face presenting original identity documents. With this service, the individual's identity will be checked face to face at a local Post Office branch. At the branch, the individual’s original identity documents will be checked and matched to his physical appearance. The service will check up to five original documents. Verifile issues a barcode which the individual must bring to the Post Office with their original identity documents. Results are received immediately after the check was concluded. This check replaces the need for employers to meet their candidates face to face before a UK criminal record check can be submitted. The following are the sort of documents that can be used to confirm an individual’s identity using this service: • Passport • P60 • Driving Licence (Plastic) • Council Tax statement • Biometric Residents Permit (BRP) • Utility bill (Not mobile) • Birth certificate • Benefit statement • Marriage Certificate • Central Gov doc giving entitlement • Adoption certificate • Local Gov doc giving entitlement • PASS Card • EEA National ID Card Current & Valid • Driving Licence (Paper) • Irish Passport Card • HM Forced ID Card • Cards carrying the PASS logo • Firearms licence • Document Type 1 • Mortgage Statement (12 months) • Document Type 2 • Bank statement • Work permit • Building society statement • Visa • Bank statement account opening letter • HMRC letter • Building society account opening letter • Letter from Teacher 16/19 year olds • Credit card statement • Letter from College 16/19 year olds • Financial statement • Vehicle Reg Doc V5 or V5C/2 tear off slip • P45

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