What does it check?

Using our expert knowledge of Home Office rules, we will audit an individual's documents to verify their right to work in the UK.

Having audited the documents you provide us with, we'll be able to advise you of any work restrictions the individual may have (e.g. they have a student visa that only allows limited hours of work during term time) and any necessary follow-up actions, such as checking university term dates. We'll also obtain 'Positive Verification Notices' when needed and will prompt you a month before any necessary document re-checks are due. We'll also confirm whether the copies you have taken will provide a statutory excuse against prosecution should it subsequently be found that an employee does not actually have the right to work in the UK.

Est. turnaround time

1-2 working days

Supported in

United Kingdom




Identity document(s) seen by the client or other authorised individual for the purposes of confirming right to work in the UK.

Relevant Industries