This check establishes if an individual has a criminal record.

What does it check?

This check establishes if an individual has a criminal record.

This check provides what is referred to as a Criminal Conviction History Report. In addition to criminal records, this check establishes whether an individual has had any traffic offences entered in court, including disqualifications. This will not show if a driver is currently suspended from driving by police as a suspension does not require a court conviction.

This certificate does not include any of the following:
•    infringements, such as parking tickets
•    charges that haven’t gone to court yet
•    any charges where you weren’t convicted
•    times you’ve gone to court and were found not guilty
•    military (Court Martial) convictions
•    overseas convictions
•    Police diversions
•    charges in the Youth Court
•    demerit points and driver licence suspensions. You can get a report on these from the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Individuals that are eligible for a clean slate, their criminal record will be concealed under the Clean Slate scheme.

The Clean Slate scheme applies when all of the following are true and the individual:
•    had no convictions within the last 7 years
•    never been sentenced to a custodial sentence (such as prison, corrective training or borstal)
•    never been convicted of a sexual offence (‘specified offence’)
•    fully paid any fine, compensation, reparation or costs ordered by the court in a criminal case
•    never been banned from driving until further notice (indefinite disqualification)
•    never been held in hospital by the court in a criminal case instead of being sentenced, due to your mental condition.

All convictions will show on the record again if the individual:
•    get another conviction
•    don’t fully pay any court-ordered fine, compensation or costs
•    get permanently banned from driving.

Est. turnaround time

3-5 working days

Supported in

New Zealand




Application form, Proof of identity

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Ministry of Justice

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