This check establishes if an individual has a criminal record.

What does it check?

This check establishes if an individual has a criminal record.

This check provides what is referred to as Certificate of Good Behaviour or Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag. 

This check is only for individuals residing outside of the Netherlands. For individuals residing in the Netherlands, the Criminal Record Certificate can be requested only by the individual and not by a third party (Subject Access Request).

The application for the Certificate of Good Behaviour is processed against the specific role the individual is applying for. 

If the individual has no criminal record, the certificate will be issued. If the individual has a criminal record, the authorities will decide whether the offences in question are relevant to the role. For
example, offences that would present difficulties for someone applying for a teaching job may not be relevant to an accountant.

If the application is refused, the individual will receive written notification stating the reasons for refusal.

Every category of conviction is listed on a criminal record certificate if it is deemed appropriate to the role. A conviction is never removed from a criminal record.

Est. turnaround time

20-30 working days

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Application form, Proof of identity

Data Sources

Ministry of Justice

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