What does it check?

This wide-ranging check establishes whether an individual's or company's name appears in association with anything from criminal activity and international sanctions through to regulatory penalties and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).

This check draws on over 1000 lists, detailing sanctions, enforcements and warnings from more than 300 law enforcement agencies, criminal courts and investigative news sources, relating to more than 600,000 individuals and companies with connections (known or suspected) to illegal activities, sanctions and regulatory penalties as well as PEPs, influential persons, government corporations, excluded parties and companies of interest.

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Data Sources

Over 1,000 lists from over 300 enforcement agencies, criminal courts, and investigative news sources from around the world. Verifile will undertake a search for: Politically exposed persons, Sanction lists, Enforcement, Adverse media, Influential persons, Associated entities, Government corporations, Excluded parties, Companies of interest.

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