With this check, we'll look to confirm the details of an individual's employment history.

What does it check?

With this check, we'll look to confirm the details of an individual's employment history.

This check involves securing written confirmation of an individual's employment dates and job titles from HR or another authorised department or person. 

Where possible, references will also provide details on the individual's salary, the reason for leaving and performance assessment as well as confirmation of whether the employer would rehire them. 

We will also confirm that the person providing the information is a legitimate source, rather than simply accepting them at face value.

Good practice is to verify employment records with the Human Resources department and not with people who worked with the candidate. If you are interested in subjective information about the candidate’s performance we recommend adding a character reference from a line manager.

There is no limit to the number of employer references you can request. The more past employers you check, the clearer a picture you will build about an individual, helping to identify any gaps and discrepancies.

Employer reference checks can be ordered to cover a specific period (eg. the last 5 years) or a number of employers. To cover a specific period we recommend using our Activity Checks and Gap Analysis.  

For roles regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we also obtain FCA regulated references. 

Using our online system, the employer will immediately be sent a form to return. Response times vary, as Verifile is dependent on the employer’s participation. We aim to give you a response within 5 - 10 working days — but if we cannot achieve that, we will let you know why.

Est. turnaround time

5-15 working days

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Employment history data

Data Sources

HR or other authorised department or person.

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