What does it check?

The Enhanced level check (for individuals in Northern Ireland) provides details on all unspent and spent convictions, adult and juvenile cautions, informed warnings and other non-court disposals, information held by the Disclosure and Barring Service (for positions in regulated activity), and information held by the police that is relevant to the role applied.

This check is available only for certain job roles, duties, positions and licences. It is normally required where an individual will work or volunteer in a role providing services to (or having close and regular supervision of) children or vulnerable adults. Depending on the role, it can be ordered on its own or with checks on one or both of the Children's or Adult's Barred Lists.

Est. turnaround time

5-15 working days

Supported in

United Kingdom




Application form (Online)

Data Sources


Relevant Industries

Only for certain job role. For example, Certain supervised volunteers, Certain specific professions: Taxi licence, Controlled drugs supervision judicial appointments