Recruit the right people

Why use a background screening provider?
Quite simply, it’s all about risk. The risk of not complying with industry regulations, internal company procedures or client standards. The risk of exposing your business to fraud, theft, brand damage, fines or lawsuits. The risk of hiring the wrong person. 

We don’t advise you on who to hire. Our job is to make sure you have sufficient data to make an informed decision of your own.  

You need to know that the person in front of you is who they claim to be. Anyone being economical with the truth represents a risk within your workforce. The scope of that risk ranges from merely being an untrustworthy person to have around through to being someone who will cause you to breach regulatory standards or who will act in a criminal fashion while employed by you.
So why Verifile?
At Verifile, we’re passionate about creating transparency within a workforce. 

High performing teams typically operate in a culture of openness, honesty and mutual respect. Such a culture gives rise to effective collaboration, innovation and improved productivity.  

Creating that sort of culture is a significant undertaking. Not for one minute do we think we can do all that for you. But we certainly think we can play our part with our comprehensive candidate background checks. 

In making sure that every one of your employees is everything that they claim to be, we don’t just want to reassure you that your recruitment decisions are correct and that your people risks are being satisfactorily managed. We want to contribute to that culture of truth and openness.

By providing transparency, we believe we can draw a line under those unhelpful conversations where employees may doubt a colleague’s credentials, their work history, their academic qualifications or their ability to do their job. 

Those conversations stem from employees knowing more (or thinking they know more) about a person than the recruiter, line manager or HR team ever appeared to. This can quickly lead to distrust between colleagues, which makes for a dysfunctional team.  

We want those conversations to be consigned to the past. As both Pre-employment screening and Post-employment screening become a more established part of corporate life, that will soon be the case.  

At that point, we’ll be delighted to have played our part. Not just because we love our work, the necessary attention to detail and all the investigative elements that come with it (although, clearly, we do…) – but because we’re committed to creating transparency in the workforce.