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Information for candidates

If Verifile has been employed to conduct a CV Verification & Background check on you, don’t worry. This is a standard and routine process that many employers engage to help them make better recruitment decisions and find the right candidates for each vacancy. By using Verifile, organisations can also help to create a safer and more open working environment, reducing identity fraud and rewarding honest candidates.

However, we always advise employers to use our services in conjunction with information and impressions gleaned at interview. That way they make smart and rounded recruitment decisions.

We have a comprehensive privacy policy in place to protect you and safeguard any information that we receive.

Read our Privacy Policy now.

We do not conduct any checks without first getting the full written permission of the candidate in question.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries, simply take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below to see if they are answered there. If they are not, simply Contact Us.

1: What checks exactly do you perform?

2: Will I be informed of the results of the checks — and if so, how?

3: How long does the screening process normally take?

4: How do I check the progress of my screening?

5: Will you contact my employer /previous employer with the contact details that I provide?

6: What happens if I dispute the information given by an organisation or referee?

7: Does a credit search leave a footprint on my credit file?

8: What happens if I have a dispute on a credit report?


1: What checks exactly do you perform?

A: We can conduct a broad and comprehensive number of checks as listed below, although we may not be asked to perform all of them for your particular job application. We will tell you precisely which checks we are carrying out when we request your consent.

For a list of the pre and post employment screening Verifile offers please click here.

2: Will I be informed of the results of the checks — and if so, how?

A: We recommend that you request that your prospective employer gives you a copy of the results. Want to see what the report looks like?
 A sample report is here: Final Report

3: How long does the screening process normally take?

A: We would generally advise a turnaround time for your checks of 10-15 working days.  However, this varies depending on the types of checks that have been ordered for you and how quickly your previous employers, academic institutions and referees take to respond to our requests.

4:  How do I check the progress of my screening?

A: Once you have submitted your online form you will only be able to access the system to upload documents and not to check progress.  If you want to find out how your checks are progressing you must call one of our advisors on 01234 339 300. 

Please bear in mind that our advisors will not be able to discuss with you the details of references or results we received but will simply be able to advise what is complete and what is left outstanding. For specific feedback on the results of your checks please contact the organisation that initiated them for you. We strongly advise that you only call us for updates on your file if it has been more than 10 working days since you submitted the online form. 

5: Will you contact my employer / previous employer with the contact details that I provide?

A: Not necessarily – if we find through our research that the individual you have provided is the correct point of contact for obtaining references, then we will approach them. However, if we find that a different individual or department is responsible for providing references, then we will use this contact.

6: What happens if I dispute the information given by an organisation or referee? 

A: You are advised to contact the relevant organisation or individual directly. We strongly advise that you to notify your referees and past employers in advance that Verifile will be contacting them.

7: Does a credit search leave a footprint on my credit file?

A: Yes, however, the footprint — which we have to leave by law — is only visible to the individual on their credit file. It is not seen by any other companies and therefore is not taken into account when assessing them for future credit requests.

8: What happens if I have a dispute on a credit report?

There is a variety of information held on your credit report from a variety of sources. If any of it is wrong, it could affect your ability to get credit.

Here's how to correct the information held on your report:

The electoral roll

Verifile only uses the edited version of the Electoral Roll, so if you have chosen to opt out of being listed on it, as is your right, our report will state that you are NOT on the Electoral Roll.

If you have registered to vote and your credit report does not show this, please contact the credit reference agencies listed at the bottom of this article and they will investigate the matter. Please note that registration for the Electoral Roll is conducted in August each year, but our register may not be updated until the end of April in the following year.If you have not registered to vote, you may want to contact your local authority about filling in an electoral registration form.

If you move home you can tell your local authority who will tell credit reference agencies about your change of registration in the course of the year.

Court judgments

If you believe a county court judgment has been recorded incorrectly, you should contact the county court, quoting the case number included on your report. If the judgment was recorded incorrectly the county court will alter their records. Credit reference agencies are told about any such changes within four weeks, but if you give them original court documents, in the form of a Certificate of Satisfaction or Cancellation, they may be able to change their sooner if necessary.

If you have paid a Scottish Decree, you should send Registry Trust (address below) a receipt or a letter from your creditor (known as the pursuer) to confirm your payment.

If you write to Registry Trust Ltd questioning the accuracy of a judgment recorded on your report, asking for an entry to be changed, you should send a cheque for £4.50 to cover their search fee. They will then tell the credit reference agencies about any change to your report.

For judgments made in Northern Ireland, if you provide documents from a plaintiff to confirm a payment, the agencies will change their records. If you have any questions about the accuracy of a judgment recorded on your report, contact the court concerned.

Registry Trust Ltd.

173-175 Cleveland Street
London W1P 5PE


If a bankruptcy order against you is annulled (cancelled) or discharged (that is, you have met all terms), you should send a copy of the Annulment Certificate or Order of Discharge to the credit reference agencies. They will then update their records. If your bankruptcy has been annulled they should completely remove any record of it from your report. If your bankruptcy has been discharged a record of it will be kept on your report but it will show that it has been discharged.

Voluntary arrangements

If you have any questions about a record of a voluntary arrangement you should contact the supervisor who dealt with your case. If you send documents from the supervisor to confirm that the information on your report needs to be changed, the agencies will change their records.

Linked addresses

Links between your previous addresses, or any addresses you may use for correspondence, may be listed on your credit report. The link will only be broken when the reference agencies are asked to do so by the organisation that created the link.


Because our site is third party data compliant, we screen out County Court Judgment (CCJ) records that do not exactly match the details you have provided — for example a CCJ for Jenny Smith recorded in the name of J Smith at the same address would not be listed by us.

If any names are shown on your credit report that you have never used, you should contact the company listed as providing the other name, or write to the credit reference agency and they will investigate the matter and make any necessary changes to your report.

Furthermore, the credit reference agencies have removed all family financial information from the credit reports they send to people. If you believe that information about someone you are financially linked to is the reason for you being refused credit, you might want to ask them to apply for their own credit report. Of course, they do not have to order their report or show it to you

The credit reference agencies that Verifile uses:

  • Experian Consumer Help Service, Experian Ltd, PO Box 8000, Nottingham, NG80 7WF
  • Equifax plc, Credit Report Advice Centre, PO Box 3001, Glasgow, G81 2DT
  • Call Credit, Consumer Service Dept, Park Row House, Leeds, LS1 5JF.

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