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June 20 2024

Verifile Achieves PBSA Accreditation: Setting a New Standard in Background Screening


Verifile is delighted to announce its recent accreditation by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA®) under the General Background Screening Accreditation Program. This prestigious recognition underscores our commitment to delivering the highest standards in background screening services. As one of the first companies to be accredited under this new global programme, and one of only two British-owned firms in the UK, Verifile is proud to lead the way in setting industry benchmarks for quality and reliability.

Eyal Ben-Cohen, Founder and CEO of Verifile: “Being awarded the PBSA accreditation is a significant honour for everyone at Verifile and a testament to our commitment to combatting fraud and enhancing the safety and security of businesses worldwide. This is our 10th accreditation, and its importance cannot be overstated; being recognised by the Professional Background Screening Association is profoundly meaningful to all of us at Verifile.”

What is PBSA Accreditation?

The PBSA’s accreditation programme is designed to establish and promote the highest levels of professionalism in the background screening industry. This rigorous process includes a thorough evaluation of an organisation’s policies, procedures, and operational practices. Accredited companies undergo detailed desk audits and virtual audits, ensuring adherence to stringent standards in areas such as consumer protection, legal compliance, and data security.

The Importance of PBSA Accreditation

Trust and Credibility: Trust is paramount in the background screening industry. PBSA accreditation enhances our credibility by ensuring our processes meet the highest industry standards. This certification acts as an assurance to our clients that we are committed to delivering reliable and accurate background checks. It reassures clients that our services are conducted with the utmost integrity and professionalism, bolstering their confidence in partnering with us.

Compliance Assurance: In today’s regulatory landscape, compliance is more critical than ever. Our PBSA accreditation process involves a thorough evaluation of our adherence to various laws and regulations, including data protection and privacy laws. This rigorous scrutiny ensures that our clients remain compliant with relevant legal standards, thereby reducing the risk of legal repercussions. Our commitment to compliance means that we continuously monitor and adapt to any changes in regulations, providing our clients with peace of mind.

Data Security: At Verifile, data security is a top priority. The PBSA accreditation mandates strict data security measures to protect sensitive information. We implement advanced security protocols, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits, to safeguard the data we handle. Our commitment to data security is reflected in our robust policies and procedures designed to prevent data breaches and ensure the confidentiality of our clients’ information. This focus on security is essential in maintaining the trust of our clients and protecting their valuable data.

The History and Differences of PBSA Accreditation Programs

The PBSA, formerly known as the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), rebranded to reflect its global reach and commitment to boundaryless standards in the background screening industry. PBSA offers two accreditation programs: one tailored for U.S.-based firms and a new global program for firms outside the U.S. The U.S. accreditation program has been established for some time, while the global program, which Verifile is part of, is newly launched, making Verifile one of the first companies to achieve this recognition.

The U.S. program focuses on compliance with federal and state regulations, emphasising best practices within the U.S. context. The global program, however, addresses the diverse regulatory environments across different countries, ensuring that accredited companies meet high standards regardless of their operational geography.

The Accreditation Process

Achieving PBSA accreditation involves a comprehensive and stringent evaluation process designed to verify that an organisation meets the highest standards in background screening. This includes:

Desk Audit: A detailed review of all policies, procedures, and documentation to ensure compliance with PBSA standards. This includes a review of its policies and procedures as they relate to six critical areas: Information Security, Legal and Compliance, Client Education, Researcher and Data Standards, Verification Services Standards, and Business Practices.

Virtual Audit: An examination of the organisation’s operations to verify that practices align with documented procedures.

Oversight: The PBSA’s Background Screening Credentialing Council oversees the application process and is the governing accreditation body that validates whether the background screening organisations seeking accreditation meet or exceed a measurable standard of competence. 
The accreditation is valid for ten years, with an interim surveillance audit conducted at the three-year mark to ensure ongoing compliance.

Verifile’s Commitment to Excellence

At Verifile, we have always prioritised delivering high-quality, accurate, and timely background checks. Our PBSA accreditation validates our efforts and highlights our capabilities in the following areas:

Comprehensive Data Sources: We utilise hundreds of data sources globally to ensure thorough and accurate background checks. Our extensive network allows us to access a wide range of information, providing our clients with comprehensive screening results.

Advanced Technology: Our investment in cutting-edge technology enables us to provide efficient and precise screening services. Many of our checks are automated, allowing for faster turnaround times without compromising accuracy. This technological advantage ensures that we can meet the demands of our clients swiftly and effectively.

Expert Team: Our team of over 150 highly qualified experts scrutinises data meticulously to guide clients through complex screening outputs. This expertise helps clients make informed recruitment decisions, mitigating risks associated with hiring.

Global Reach: With services extending to over 200 countries, we offer unparalleled global screening capabilities. This ensures consistency and reliability in our background checks, regardless of the candidate’s location. Our global reach makes us an ideal partner for multinational companies and organisations with diverse hiring needs.

Benefits for HR Professionals

For HR professionals, the implications of Verifile’s PBSA accreditation are profound. By partnering with us, you are assured of:

Enhanced Recruitment Processes: Our rigorous screening processes help mitigate recruitment risks, ensuring that you hire the right candidates. This reduces the likelihood of hiring individuals who may pose a risk to your organisation, protecting your company’s reputation and assets.

Regulatory Compliance: We help you stay compliant with relevant employment regulations and standards, protecting your organisation from potential legal pitfalls. This is especially important in industries with strict regulatory requirements, such as finance, healthcare, and education.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your background screening provider is accredited by PBSA allows you to focus on other critical aspects of HR management. You can be confident that your screening needs are in expert hands, with services that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

How Verifile’s PBSA Accreditation Benefits You

Improved Hiring Decisions: Our comprehensive background checks provide detailed insights into candidates’ histories, enabling you to make more informed hiring decisions. This helps in identifying the best talent and reducing turnover rates, saving your organisation time and resources.

Risk Mitigation: By conducting thorough background checks, we help you mitigate risks associated with negligent hiring. This includes identifying any criminal history, verifying employment history, and checking educational qualifications. These checks ensure that you are hiring candidates who are trustworthy and qualified.

Enhanced Candidate Experience: Our streamlined and efficient background screening process ensures a positive experience for candidates. By using advanced technology and automation, we reduce the time required for background checks, allowing candidates to start their roles sooner.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement
At Verifile, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our PBSA accreditation is not the end of our journey but a milestone that inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of excellence. We continually review and enhance our processes to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the background screening industry.

Additional Accreditations and Recognitions
This PBSA accreditation marks Verifile’s tenth major accreditation, further solidifying our position as an authority in the background screening industry. Additionally, we are honoured to have received the King’s Award for Enterprise twice, reflecting our commitment to outstanding achievements in innovation and business performance.


Verifile’s PBSA accreditation is a landmark achievement that reinforces our position as a leader in the background screening industry. As one of the first companies to be accredited under the PBSA’s global programme, we are proud to set a new benchmark for excellence. For HR professionals seeking a reliable, compliant, and secure screening partner, Verifile offers unmatched expertise and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

We invite you to experience the Verifile difference and join the ranks of satisfied clients who trust us to support their recruitment and onboarding processes. To learn more about our services and how we can assist you in making informed hiring decisions, please contact us.