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December 21 2020

Verifile Pre-Approved For Public Sector Background Screening

Verifile has been accepted onto the G-Cloud 12 Framework, extending its pre-approved status as a provider of Background Screening services to the public sector after the 11th Framework ended.
G-Cloud frameworks are a pre-negotiated agreement between Government and suppliers of technology services, helping government departments access services that are already within procurement guidelines.
This saves the public purse time and money and makes sure that the public sector has access to the very best services quickly and easily.
The background screening services being offered by Verifile and available via the 12th Framework are:

  1. UK Criminal Record Checks
  1. Regulated and unregulated employment screening and staff vetting services
  2. Instant Background Checks
  1. Other Background Checks and Referencing Services 
  1. International Background Checks
Founder and CEO of Verifile, Eyal Ben Cohen, said: “Being an authorised provider of Background Screening Services, gives those departments, which are at all levels of national and local Government, the peace of mind that their taxpayer funded budgets are being spent appropriately and reduces the need for negotiating and managing multiple individual contracts.
“Being part of the G-Cloud 12 Framework perfectly complements our membership of the CPC Employee Screening Services framework, and is further evidence of our commitment to making sure our services are increasingy accessible and compatible with the sectors we serve.”
If you would like to find out more about how Verifile can help your Government or Local Authority department carry out high-quality and stringent background screening checks, please get in touch.