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February 12 2019

FCA References

We have recently reviewed our processes for requesting, chasing and receiving references for individuals going into roles regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Feedback from clients has been extremely helpful during this review.

As a result, we have improved how we request references from organisations regulated by the FCA and how we check the references received back from those organisations. We have also enhanced how we display results within the final report by adding a list of employers from which we have sought references, whether the employer is regulated by the FCA and whether we received a ‘regulated reference’ from them. This list is located after the contents section of the final report:

When you place your order, to help us fulfil your requirements correctly, please do continue to tick the FCA references box on step 1:

FCA references will only be sought if you have a package of background checks agreed with Verifile that includes FCA references. To set up a package or for any further information, please contact your Account Manager.