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August 23 2019

Manchester airport candidate who lied on his CV has escaped a jail term

A former special constable, Ryan Warmbold, applied for a job as a security guard at Manchester airport using a false referee.

He had worked at a school but was fired due to fake social media accounts set up by his ex-partner. He failed to claim this on his application.  Instead, he named his old inspector, Special Inspector Lee Gandy of Greater Manchester Police, as a referee but gave a false email address. This email address was actually owned by Warmbold who then wrote his own reference.

Warmbold started his training but when in investigators contacted Mr.Gandy directly he confirmed he had never sent an email. When the defendant attended a meeting at the airport to discuss the matter he presented them with forged documents which did not match his application. He was then suspended.

At Manchester magistrates court, Warmbold admitted fraud and was given a 24-week suspended jail sentence. Prosecutor Jo Moore stated, “This is quite a sophisticated fraud in which the defendant went to significant lengths to gain employment with security at Manchester airport”. JPs added, “This is a very serious offence which has definitely passed the custody threshold”.

Warmbold was also ordered to conduct 100 hours of community service and pay £200 court costs. He has also paid back £1,500 of wages.

Our employment history check would have revealed the false referee.