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April 30 2019

We always add a personal touch....

It’s been two weeks now since we refreshed the Verifile brand identity and launched our new-look website. The response has been overwhelmingly positive – so I wanted to thank everyone who has been in touch with their feedback.

I said ahead of the launch that I knew that an overhaul of the Verifile image was long overdue. However, this was also about so much more than merely modernising the website or rethinking our corporate livery.
Within our new brand identity, there’s a new strapline – “Accurate data. Meaningful relationships”. It’s more than just a casual soundbite. Having it front and centre in this way proves that we stand by the quality and accuracy of our data. It also reassures clients that we stand for something more than just data outputs; that we always add a personal touch.

Less overt – but just as important – within our brand refresh are our five Verifile values: leadership; partner; human; relentless; and flexible.  Combine all these and you have the complete picture of what Verifile stands for – and how we’re passionate about helping creating transparency within your workforce.

I hope that comes across strongly in our new brand identity and website. And I look forward to proving that to you as we work together in the coming months and years.

Yours sincerely

Eyal Ben Cohen