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| Financial Services
September 4 2018

Court rules in applicant's favour after employer fails to provide copy of screening report

Allied Solutions, LLC failed to provide the plaintiff, Shameca Robertson, with a copy of her background report after it took back its initial job offer due to "non-conviction information" found within the report.  The district court said she lacked standing to sue, but the plaintiff argued this limited her ability to understand and respond to the decision, which was ruled in her favour and further proceedings were agreed upon.

A number of 'non-convictional' criminal checks resulted from the background checks causing Allied Solutions to revoke the job offer. The complianant alledges that Allied Soltuins HR department then contacted her to recind the offer of employment withut offering her a full copy of the screening report. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) consumers are entitled to a copy of their background screening report.

Allied Solutions failed to inform the candidate about the background check, and to show it to her along with her rights after the decision was made, which was deemed illegal.