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September 11 2018

Recent changes to: England and Wales Criminal Checks: The Disclosure and Barring Service

Identity checks for all checks
The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has just updated their identity checking guidelines for all levels of checks. The guidelines now officially confirm that live video link can be used as an alternative to face to face checks, however, the original documents must still be examined during the video link.

New documents have been added to the identity document groups including Irish Passport Cards and Positive Verification Notices. In addition, passports no longer need to be seen when certain Residence Cards and Immigration Status Documents are presented. We are working hard to update the document groups on our platform before the 3rd December deadline.

Eligibility for standard and enhanced checks
The DBS has also launched new guidance to help organisations assess eligibility for standard and enhanced criminal checks. There have been no changes to eligibility rules. The new documents have been launched to make it easier to understand the current rules. The new guidance documents (one for standard and one for enhanced) can be found in the Help Guides library (you will need to log in first).