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August 22 2018

​International Screening

Verifile’s clients are scattered around the world. No matter where you are based, you are likely to recruit individuals with varying backgrounds. Perhaps they grew up in Brazil, studied in France and worked in New York before coming to work for you in Sydney?

At Verifile we speak over 14 languages and are delighted to recently have increased our German and French speaking team members.

Background checks are important no matter where someone has previously lived. Verifile has an extensive range of international criminal, credit, driving licence, directorship, identity and company credit checks, to help fulfil your international screening needs.

What are these checks?
Verifile's range of 6 international checks cover the main requirements for international background screening:



Criminal Check Criminal convictions obtained from police, government ministries and bureaus, courts and/or embassies.
Credit / Financial Check Bankruptcy, defaults, disqualifications, judgements, voluntary arrangements, directorships, payment history, addresses and/or shareholding.
Directorship Check Current directorships, past directorships, dates of appointment, shareholdings, functions and/or disqualifications.
Identity Verification Name, date of birth, current addresses, previous addresses, passport validity, identification numbers and/or tax numbers.
Driving Record Check Driving licence status, entitlements, restrictions, traffic offences, suspensions and/or disqualifications.
Company Report Identification, credit risk rating, registry date, legal filings including bankruptcy, court judgements and tax liens, management and staff, board of directors, share capital, shareholders, financial accounts and/or payment punctuality.

These checks are provided on a per jurisdiction basis. The scope of check, availability, process requirements and pricing vary according to jurisdiction.

When should I order these checks?
Best practice is to undertake the same checks on all new joiners. You may decide to have screening tiers, for example, screen high risk roles more extensively, but it is important to undertake the same checks irrespective of where the joiner has previously lived.

So, if your screening policy requires you to undertake a UK credit and criminal check, you should also undertake these checks in other countries if your new joiner has recently moved from another country to the UK.

How do I place orders for international checks?
Each check has its own instructions. Sometimes an application form will need to be filled in by the candidate. Contact our Client Service Team on +44(0)1234 339 350 or via to request the check instructions.

When you have filled in the required forms and collected any other information or documents, you can place your international screening order online. Please note this applies only if your user account has ordering of international checks enabled. If not you can email the scanned forms to If the instructions ask you to post us original forms or documents, please always tell us by phone or email what you have posted to us and when.

If you have screening packages and our enhanced service level, then we can review your candidates’ backgrounds and automatically proceed with or gain approval for international checks. For example, if a candidate has lived in a country for 6 months or more during the last 5 years, then a credit and criminal check will be undertaken in that country. This is one of many service customisations available to you, please contact your Account Manager or our Client Service Team for more information.

What information do I or my candidate need to supply?
The instructions for each check will explain if an application form needs to be filled in and if any other information needs to be provided. Please do follow instructions carefully and encourage your candidates to do the same. Forms must be filled in fully to avoid delays. Simple errors such as candidates adding today’s date into a date of birth section can really slow down processing times. All forms, document copies, original documents and other information should be provided together, to us at the same time.

Can I keep the instructions on file so I have them when I need to order the same check again?
Instructions and forms change from time to time because the authorities providing results can change their requirements, and often do so without any advance notice. We advise against keeping instructions and forms on file for this reason. If you do decide to do this, then please be aware that if the form has been replaced by a newer version we will ask you to fill in the newer version as authorities will not normally accept old forms.

How long will results take?
Turnaround times vary significantly between checks, countries and the authorities supplying results. Guide turnaround times can be found on our Product/Price Lists (links are below). These guide times start from when we receive all of the information required to process the checks and not necessarily from when you placed your order.

What results can I expect?
Results are provided via our online client portal. Most results are included within the final report, but some detailed results are provided in attachments that can be downloaded separately. When we receive official certificates from authorities, such as the French criminal certificates, these will be made available to you. Sometimes results are provided to us in other ways such as via online portals. These results are always passed on to you as Verifile reports.

Want to find out more?
Please click below: Or check out our services page for country specific check information.

We can also verify employment, education and professional qualification, plus collect character/professional references from anywhere in the world.

Please contact our Client Service Team on +44(0)1234 339 350 or speak to your Account Manager if you would like any further information.