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November 30 2018

Meet the independent background screening company - Verifile

Verifile is an independent background screening provider focused on providing accurate data and building long-term relationships with its customers. We’re passionate about creating transparency within a workforce. We believe that high performing teams typically operate in a culture of openness, honesty and mutual respect. Such a culture gives rise to effective collaboration, innovation and improved productivity.

Creating that sort of culture is a significant undertaking for any organisation. We don’t claim to be able to deliver that on our own, but we can play our part with our comprehensive candidate background checks.

In making sure that every one of their employees is everything that they claim to be, we don’t just want to reassure businesses that their recruitment decisions are correct and that their people risks are being satisfactorily managed. We also want to contribute to that culture of truth and openness.

By providing transparency, we believe we can draw a line under those unhelpful conversations where employees may doubt a colleague’s credentials, their work history, their academic qualifications or their ability to do their job.

Those conversations stem from employees knowing more (or thinking they know more) about a person than the recruiter, line manager or HR team ever appeared to. This can quickly lead to distrust between colleagues, which then makes for a dysfunctional team.

We want those conversations to be consigned to the past. As screening (both pre- and post-employment) becomes a more established part of corporate life, that will soon be the case.

At that point, we’ll be delighted to have played our part. Not just because we love our work, the necessary attention to detail and all the investigative elements that come with it, but also because we’re committed to creating transparency in the workforce.

Based in the UK, we’ve been operating in the background screening sector since 2004 and have serviced over 2,000 organisations in that time. Our screening model is underpinned by exceptional information security and proprietary technology, delivering accuracy and consistency in everything we do. We work collaboratively with our clients to create effective screening programmes tailored to meet their precise requirements.

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