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November 13 2018

UK Criminal Checks in Northern Ireland via Access NI

NI Direct Account

If you order criminal checks in Northern Ireland, and haven't yet created your new NI Direct account, we encourage you to do so now.  Guidance can be found here.  We are more than happy to walk you through the process if this helps.


Digital certificates are now being issued to all candidates unless convictions are being disclosed.  Candidates can share the electronic certificate with you via their AcessNI account.  Certificates that include convictions are always posted and all candidates can opt to receive a posted certificate if they wisih.

There is plenty of guidance for candidates on the  AccessNI website.  Our Candidate Team are also available to help candidates.

EU Member States

For enhanced checks and when the role includes regulated activity with children, AccessNI requests information on nationals from 9 EU Member States. Due to delays of 6 weeks or more obtaining this information from Poland and Romania, AccessNI has suspended requesting criminal record information from those countries. Verifile can provide a criminal check in Poland, or candidates can be asked to provide a certificate of good conduct. Once delays have been resolved, AccessNI will re-start the request of criminal record information for nationals of Poland and Romania, and we will update you accordingly.