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June 28 2018

Woman Steals ID to Get Six-Figure Job, But Can't Do the Job

Forty-one-year-old Cindy White of Louisiana was found guilty of identity theft after she used another woman's ID to get a job at Diversified Food and Seasonings and was promoted to a senior position with a six-figure salary.

White was accused of emptying a co-worker's bank account through identity theft while working for the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office in 1997. She pleaded guilty that year to two counts of forgery but her probation ended in 1999 when "the court received information that she was deceased," Montgomery said.

Diversified Food and Seasonings hired White in 2015 as a human resources manager at $95,000 a year, and promoted her five months later to a $105,000 position as senior human resources director. Her fraud was exposed after the company realized she was having trouble with jobs that should have been within her claimed ability, and was delegating much of her work.  

Investigators found she had copied another woman's resume from LinkedIn and stolen her identity numbers from another website. The other woman had a name similar to White's.  White admitted in a statement to investigators that she fraudulently cited the victim's educational experience and Social Security number to get the job.  Her attorney argued in court that White earned the $56,200 she was paid, according to the news release.