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June 28 2018

It's Not Too Late to Get Ready for GDPR

With five weeks until the new data regulation comes into effect, Geetika Bansal is a senior associate, and Khurram Shamsee a partner, in the employment and pensions group at DAC Beachcroft, offer last-minute advice for HR professionals.

Bansal and Shamsee suggest that "last minute housekeeping" should focus on carrying out an audit of how the personal data of job applicants, employees and contractors is processed, removing consent clauses from employment contracts, updating data privacy notices, and reviewing the contract terms with third parties, such as payroll or benefits providers.

The authors say that for many employers, GDPR "will be a work in progress and should not cause undue concern, it is highly unlikely that the Information Commissioner's Office will be interested in using its resources to pursue businesses that are actively engaging with their GDPR obligations and taking steps to ensure they are compliant".