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| Retail & PCI-DSS
February 28 2018

Adzuna says half of shopworkers are CV liars

A new survey reveals almost half of retail staff have lied on their CVs at some point in their career.  Adzuna say that 48% have put down a porky on their resume, and 56% would be prepared to tell a "big lie" if it meant they could bag their dream job.  

Out of the employees in Retail who admitted to telling a lie on their job applications, 56% were female  They are also more likely to be aged 25 to 34, and their favourite lie to tell is about their educational background, with 67% admitting to stretching the truth about this.

This was followed by lies about work experience (representing 56% of lies), tied with lying about their skillset (56%). Candidates also lied about their references (44%) and even the languages they speak (33%).

It seems that cheaters do prosper, as 89% of fibbing Retail candidates admit that they got the job, with 55% stating that the lie directly contributed to this success. What’s more 78% revealed that their lie was never uncovered by a boss or colleague.

One crafty shopworker said: “I lied saying I had previously worked at a place that had closed down, so I was unable to get a reference for it.”

Indeed, Retail workers were most likely of all sectors to lie about their references.