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December 1 2018

Candidates Are Consumers Too

A 2018 research study undertaken by recruitment giant Manpower suggests that employers should keep in mind that candidates are not just applying for a role today, they are also the consumers of tomorrow.  Treatment of candidates during the recruitment process should be considered carefully to prevent negative business impact in the future.

The results are clear. A positive candidate experience makes individuals more likely to purchase an organization’s products or services and satisfied customers are more likely to work for companies whose products and services they use.

The results also show the candidate experience has an impact well beyond Human Resources, directly influencing company brand and profitability. This connection bodes well for HR which, like many other functions, is under increasing pressure to demonstrate financial impact.1 There is a substantial ripple effect: Candidates share negative job search experiences directly with other people and through social media.

People also increasingly measure their experience as candidates by the same standards that they apply to online shopping. Companies should devote equal energy and resources toward the candidate experience as they do to the consumer experience. Here is what employers need to know about the dynamics of candidates as consumers.