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August 21 2018

The Legalization of Cannabis: 7 Reasons Why Employers Should Take Notice

Cannabis legislation is expected to pass in July with legalization by September.

Employers should take notice because:
- There is already a lot of cannabis in Canada, Next to British Columbia, Atlantic Canadians have the highest level of support for legalization (41%) and the lowest opposition to it (35%),
- Cannabis is addictive. Cannabis is different from alcohol, as the effects of cannabis are more subtle and longer lasting,
- The effects of cannabis on motor vehicle operation is an obvious concern.

The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine says that, given that inhaled THC may impair complex human performance for more than 24 hours after ingestion, employers should not assume that cannabis use between shifts is uniformly safe.

In addition, studies have linked cannabis use directly with an increased prevalence of workplace injury.