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August 21 2018

Top Ways Candidates Lie to Secure a Role

Lying on CVs is not an uncommon or new phenomenon - but it is an aspect of recruitment that industry leaders need to watch.

A report from CV-Library found that 92% of jobseekers have successfully gotten away with lying on their CVs, with 71% stating they landed a job as a direct result of that lie.  After interviewing more than 1,000 employees, the report found that there are five areas that candidates are most willing to deceive on:

  • Dates of employment - 31.4%,
  • Gaps in their CV - 27.1%,
  • Salary - 21.4%,
  • Work experience - 12.9%
  • Responsibilities in previous job -11.4%.
"It 's clear from our findings that workers are not afraid to tell white lies on their CV in order to get a job," said Lee Biggins, MD of CV-Library. "For employers, this means recruitment teams need to become more vigilant when it comes to vetting and assessing potential hires".